I will bring diversity to our City Council. The Groupthink mindset does not accurately represent our constituents. We need inclusion and transparency, lets not have one group speak for us all.

1) Jobs, Business, Opportunity
Dane wants Imperial Beach to be known as "The Most Business Friendly City in Southern California." With welcoming city policy, Dane wants to enable new and existing businesses to thrive in our community. He believes the City of Imperial Beach's focus must be on saying "Yes!" To jobs, business, and future opportunities with a city government that offers extensive services to foster a vibrant local economy and employment.

2) Smart and Efficient Government
Dane believes in continuous improvement and is dedicated to making Imperial Beach more efficient and transparent for residents. He is committed to always look for "win-win" solutions with an eye for creating the best value and service for residents. Dane will report directly to his constituents on a regular basis and make himself available to hear concerns and ideas through personal contact and social media.

3) Affordable Housing and GROWTH
Dane has seen growth in Imperial Beach over the last 39 years and he believes we are at a critical point in our community’s development. We always hear of thoughtful redevelopment with citizen input, but what happens behind closed doors has seemed to prevail lately. We need a councilman that believes in the City Plan in order to preserve the history and small town feel of IB. Dane will work to keep the City Plan relevant so forward thinking development strategies don't put hard-working people at risk and families will still be able to find affordable homes.

Growing up in Imperial Beach as an avid surfer, water quality has always been an issue. I surf daily and I am looking for real solutions. Clean water will always remain a passion and priority for me as councilman. Along with water comes a need to focus on sustainable growth between Palm Ave and Coronado Ave. This short 1/2 mile is our cities most valuable oceanfront opportunity. Together we will make Imperial Beach a great place for our kids today and in the future.

MAY 2018

Here is where my recent journey started, a question to the editor of the local paper that got published. I got such good feedback from so many like minded residents that I am now running for city council. Let's put our community and city first.

Read the story – Imperial Beach News CA

Born and Raised in Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach is and always will be my home. This small sleepy beach town is changing but we need to remember what made it so special from the start. This is why I am running for city council. I believe the city plan needs to be adhered to in order to keep our sleepy beach town feel. We need better disclosure of special interest money and which candidates are on the take or being influenced in city decisions. I am now ready to give back to the community that has made me who I am. Growing up in imperial beach has been a blessing. This community is why I have been so successful in my life.

Growing up as a child with special needs and six siblings I know what community and support means to struggling local families. From the kids and families that would donate clothes and shoes to us or being mentored by local families and friends. Above is a picture of my 12th birthday  the last year of doctors manipulating my muscles and bones so that I could walk properly. A huge thanks to Rady Children's Hospital San Diego for all the surgeries free of charge, due to my case being so rare.

Importance of Community

This Community has been so important in my growth as a young man. Growing up in IB had its challenges but so many benefits. From the great elementary teachers at West View and friends along the way. Mar Vista high school and the life long friends and lessons nurtured in that special environment.I'm proud to be meeting up with my classmates for our 20 year reunion on September 14th. Imperial Beach Little League I have so many fond memories of a great childhood with friends and experiences at sports park and in this community. My real love and passion came in high school which is surfing along with the amazing community of people and support around the beach life.

Imperial Beach Women's Club

My mother Regina Crosby was the president of the Imperial Beach Women's club for two terms along with the planning committee and others. I learned about service and community from all the events I was a volunteer for at the women's club and other city events. Pictured above is my sister and I walking the catwalk at a fashion show put on by the women's club and sponsored by Marshall’s clothing store in 1992.